Boss beusi shaleika sinus

Discover what's missing in your Pure Freude discography... Boss & Beusi: Shaleika / Sinus ... Boss & Beusi: Scarborough Fair ‎ ...

Quite a few goodies from here as well. Not many true classics but a lot of good punk rock. The Pack LP, along with the 1st 2 Big Balls LPs are especially good. Bands/records worth checking out include Aheads, Artless, Beton Combo, Big Balls & The Great White Idiot (1st 2 LPs are great, later releases have more of an art sound but are still excellent), Blitzkreig, Buttocks, Condom, Cretins (just the EP), Daily Terror, Hass (they also have a bunch of later releases and may still be around but I haven't heard any of them), Hermann's Orgie, 1st KFC EP, Male LP, Marionetz, Middle Class Fantasies, Notdurft, Pack, Razors, Slime (later issues of the 1st LP are censored on one song), Torpedo, and ZSD. The ZK (pre-Toten Hosen) LPs are fun but over-rated. The . 36 LP (forget about finding the metal cover) has good moments, and the Soundtracks zum Untergang 1 LP is a very good compilation. Early issues of it come with the uncensored Slime track. There is a discography of German (and Swiss plus Austrian) punk called Pogographie 4 which may still be available. Mostly written in German but with short English descriptions about the records. Ask and I'll give you the author's address.

Boss Beusi Shaleika SinusBoss Beusi Shaleika SinusBoss Beusi Shaleika Sinus