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Snorri.      Snorri Sturluson; born in 1179 at Hvamm, an estate in western Iceland, wrote the Prose Edda , the Heimskringla , and is thought to be the author of Egil's Saga and possibly other sagas. He was a Christian but he still had great respect for his forefathers and their Pagan beliefs, as shown in his writing. Snorri was born into a wealthy and political family and lived a life of politics and excitement. His life was highly eventful and he was very involved in both Icelandic and Norwegian politics of his day. In the early 13th century, he began acquiring vast estates and chieftaincies all across Iceland. In 1215, he was elected Law-Speaker of the Althing (. ยง Iceland , above paragraph). Three years later he took a trip to Scandinavia and stayed with King Hakon Hakonsson, which is where and for whome he wrote the Hattatal , a long poem meant to honor Hakon and which earned him the position of being that King's favorite. Ironically, this was the same man who would later make Iceland subservient to Norway. Fifteen years after writing the Hattatal , the Sturlung Age ; a period which took it's name from Snorri's own family, who had much to do with the events of the time, arose. Eventually Snorri's own nephew turned against him and became the King's new favorite, placing Snorri in potential danger, as his nephew sought to amass wealth and power at anyone's expense. Snorri took refuge with a Duke until his nephew was eventually killed, which is when he decided it was safe to return to Iceland, despite the fact that King Hakon had placed a ban on all Icelanders leaving Norway. Though Snorri and his family were now politically debased in Iceland, his nephew's killer and agent of King Hakon, Gisur Thorvaldsson would not let Snorri live, still deeming him a dangerous foe to his conquest. He finally got his chance to legitimately and legally kill Snorri Sturluson when the King of Norway demanded that Snorri either should be brought to Norway before him or be killed. Gisur Thorvaldsson did not give Snorri the option. Tens of men showed up at Snorri Sturluson's estate on the night of September 23rd, 1241. Snorri was asleep when they began to break in, but he heard them, and ran into a cellar to hide. There Gisur Thorvaldsson and his men found and killed him. He was unarmed and helpless. Snorri Sturluson was 62 years old when he was killed. He is remembered as a man of genius, outstanding character, and an extraordinary contributor to the literary and historical world.

A synodic month is longer than a sidereal month because the Earth-Moon system is orbiting the Sun in the same direction as the Moon is orbiting the Earth. The Sun moves eastward with respect to the stars (as does the Moon) and it takes about days longer for the Moon to return to the same apparent position with respect to the Sun.

The latest edition is called Complete Icelandic , but there aren’t many changes compared to the previous edition which has the title Teach Yourself Icelandic . The audio dialogues are identical, and aside from some formatting changes and the addition of a summary at the end of each chapter, the text is pretty much the same.

Various New Icelandic MusicVarious New Icelandic MusicVarious New Icelandic MusicVarious New Icelandic Music