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Many variants of Simon have been made since Hasbro acquired Milton Bradley in the 1980s, building on the possibilities offered by advances in technology. The original Super Simon was reinvented in the late 1990s as a hexagonal unit with six buttons. 2000 saw Simon Squared (or Simon 2 ), a unit with the four traditional buttons on one side, and a set of eight smaller buttons on the other. In 2004, Hasbro released the Simon Stix . The game features two electronic sticks (modeled after drumsticks), an emphasis on the musical part of the game, and features four levels of play. [3]

Simon is an electronic game of memory skill invented by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison, with software programming by Lenny Cope. The device creates a series of ...

Sequence Simon SaysSequence Simon SaysSequence Simon SaysSequence Simon Says