The beatles yellow submarine

However angry John was, he did like the film. In fact, his son, Sean, saw Yellow Submarine on TV in the late 1970's, and asked his dad, "Were you a Beatle?"

John patiently explained to his son that it was, indeed, a life he used to lead but he gave it up to live with Sean's mommy, Yoko Ono.

George seems to have disagreed with John's claims regarding involvement, stating unequivocally, "The best thing about Yellow Submarine was that we had nothing to do with it."

As a fascinating sidebar, Peter Batten, the man who did the voice for "George" in the film, was actually a deserter from the British Army at the time of the film's shoot. He was actually arrested for desertion during the shoot, and another voice-over actor, Paul Angelis, had to do the remainder of the film playing "George." Angelis also did the voice of "Ringo." Peter Batten remains unique in movie history as being the only actor ever arrested for desertion from the military while amidst filming.

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The Beatles Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles Yellow SubmarineThe Beatles Yellow Submarine