John zacherle monster mash

Monster Mash comes packaged together with Scary Tales and the short-lived single “Igor”, another limerick song. (Irene dies her hair green “with the juice from [her] spleen!”) Equally delightful, though in very different ways, are recently reissued two-fers from Sharp and the Dovells, who churned out a panoply of dance-pop in the early ‘60s. Indeed, all four of these albums -- Sharp’s It’s Mashed Potato Time and Do the Bird , the Dovells’ For Your Hully Gully Party and You Can’t Sit Down -- are named after dances or unacceptable substitutes for dancing. Hully Gully is almost a concept album about its titular dance step. Other steps propagandized here include the Jitterbug, the New Continental, and (of course) the Twist. In fact, Checker is the spiritual hero of Mashed Potato : Sharp duets with him on a remade “Slow Twistin’” and commemorates his creation in the blasphemous “A Hundred Pounds of Clay”.

John Zacherle Monster MashJohn Zacherle Monster MashJohn Zacherle Monster MashJohn Zacherle Monster Mash