Kiss the oath

Wearing the same bathing suit, standing next to the photo in question, the model called out those who talk smack on women's bodies: "If I had lower self esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now. But that's exactly what is happening to other women all over this country." To all those people who make women feel bad about the way they look and the bodies they have, Tyra said, "Kiss my fat ass!"

Meanwhile, Kate had believed that Rana’s negative reaction to her relationship with her girlfriend Imogen was homophobia, but it was actually the old green-eyed monster.

The common explanation says that early Christians integrated mistletoe into their celebrations as the religion spread across third-century Europe. The rationale predates the early Christians and goes back to the Norse god Baldur — second son of Odin, god of truth and light — who was so beloved by the other gods that they sought to protect him from all the dangers of the world. His mother,  the goddess Frigg , "took an oath from fire and water, iron and all metals, stones and earth, from trees, sicknesses and poisons, and from all four-footed beasts, birds and creeping things, that they would not hurt Baldur." And thus the beautiful god was deemed invincible. What does this have to do with mistletoe? Bear with us...

Kiss The OathKiss The OathKiss The OathKiss The Oath