Eddie kirk the hawg

Eddie Kirkland was born in Jamaica in 1923, raised in rural Alabama, and ran away with Sugar Girls Medicine Show as a teen. After a discharge from the army in World War II, he moved to Detroit where he worked at the Ford Rouge Plant and played blues house parties at night. Around 1948 he hooked up with the immortal John Lee Hooker and started playing second guitar and roadying for the Boogie Man – and you can hear him on a number of The Hook’s records for the next decade or so. He also made a smattering of standout (but obscure) solo recordings for some of the most iconic record labels ever: Modern (as Little Eddie Kirkland with Hooker backing!) King, Fortune (“I Must’ve Done Something Wrong” which was ripped off and made a blues hit and standard by Elmore James) LuPine, Tru-Sound, and Prestige during this period.

Eddie Kirk The HawgEddie Kirk The HawgEddie Kirk The HawgEddie Kirk The Hawg