Rufus thomas funky way

  · THE GROOVEYARD MISSION · G R E E T I N G S   F R O M   T H E   G R O O V E Y A R D ,   P E O P L E. We are an independent record company from upstate New York, USA
on a Mission to keep REAL Guitar Rock music alive. A music label
dedicated to producing & promoting supreme bad-ass, killer
heavy guitar "six string mojo" from around the world.
Prepare to rock your ass off w/the awesome heavy guitar
Riffage That Matters @ Grooveyard Records. "Old-School Guitar Rock Mojo" is our Religion and we work with and
represent many phenomenal obscure Heavy Guitar axerippers on the
3rd Stone From the Sun. Grooveyard Records is inspired & influenced
by the Classic retro-70s Guitar Heroes. We specialize in various genres
of "OUTSTANDING TOTAL GUITAR MUSIC" that land in the form of
GUITAR AXEMASTERS". Our discs deliver the SIX STRING ROCK. (((GROOVEYARD RECORDS - THE SOUND OF GUITAR ROCK))) If you are a serious "heavy guitar freak" who digs outstanding supreme
brain-damaging guitar rock mojo then you came to the right place.
DIG DEEP AND SMELL THE RIFFAGE!!! Thanks for tuning into Grooveyard
Records and jammin' bad-ass guitar heavy with us. The Grooveyard
appreciates your excellent continued interest and support.
Stay True...Rock Guitar Heavy. Keep On Swingin' That Axe & Keep The Rock Alive. JOE ROMAGNOLA / GROOVEYARD RECORDS
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hard n' heavy riffage that will rock your world.

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Rufus Thomas Funky WayRufus Thomas Funky WayRufus Thomas Funky WayRufus Thomas Funky Way