Earth stone three wise men

In some tales, the false hero appears early, and constitutes the main obstacle to the hero. These include The Goose Girl where a serving maid takes the princess's place, and makes her a goose girl, The White and the Black Bride where the stepmother pushes the bride into the river and puts her own daughter in her place, and The Lord of Lorn and the False Steward , where the steward robs the young lord of Lorn and passes himself off as him, with the true lord serving a shepherd.

Around the dwelling of Artaban spread a fair garden, a tangle of flowers and fruit-trees, watered by a score of streams descending from the slopes of Mount Orontes, and made musical by innumerable birds. But all colour was lost in the soft and odorous darkness of the late September night, and all sounds were hushed in the deep charm of its silence, save the plashing of the water, like a voice half-sobbing and half-laughing under the shadows. High above the trees a dim glow of light shone through the curtained arches of the upper chamber, where the master of the house was holding council with his friends.

Earth Stone Three Wise MenEarth Stone Three Wise MenEarth Stone Three Wise MenEarth Stone Three Wise Men