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As with their first 100 albums, the second 100 albums yielded only two charters, both by Eydie Gormé. ABC-Paramount did, however, beat all of the major labels to the market with stereo records, having them in the catalog as early as June, 1958, while the others took until summer or fall of 1958 for their first stereo records to appear. In addition to Audio Fidelity, who introduced stereo records in late 1957, by July, 1958, only the following labels had issued stereo records: ABC-Paramount, Cook, Counterpoint, Hallmark, Period, Stereo, Stereovox, Urania, Vanguard, and World Wide. Most of these were labels dealing with classical music. The first ABC-Paramount stereo issues were ABCS-218, 219, 221, 223, and 224.

The first label was black with silver printing. Above the center hole was a white "ABC-PARAMOUNT" around the top of the label. At the bottom of the label was "A PRODUCT OF AM-PAR RECORD CORP." in white. Stereo issues had "STEREO" in large silver letters to the left of the center hole. The promotional label was white with black printing. The graphics were the same as the commercial label. This label was used from 1955 until late in 1961 at approximately ABC 400.

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Jackie Edwards Stagger LeeJackie Edwards Stagger LeeJackie Edwards Stagger Lee