Purple hearts you cant sit down

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The Lada Niva is an off-road vehicle produced in 1977 by the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ. While it's now seriously dated, the Niva possesses some definite suburbanite-daytripper-to-the-country off road potential—it was designed to handle the Russian Steppes after all. In fact, the word "Niva" actually means "cornfield," which is interesting, if not terribly inspiring.

The Niva is one of Russia's best-selling export vehicles, and continues to be manufactured and sold almost everywhere. Almost — the USA is never slow to say no to bad influences, even if they're good ideas. This might explain why a formerly Soviet vehicle of otherwise solid, even inspired design (functionally speaking), never saw the light of day in the land of Purple Mountains' Majesty.

Over the next 2 ½ years, Kaiden underwent another bone marrow transplant, was in and out of remission multiple times, and started a trial drug in hopes of destroying the leukemia cells. Through it all, he faced the cancer head-on, never giving up hope as he continued to go to school, play baseball and lead as normal a life as possible.

The first thing to be confirmed was that he did not successfully graduate the “Q” course(Special Forces Qualification Course).  This was the response from the JFK Special Warfare Center and School:

Purple Hearts You Cant Sit DownPurple Hearts You Cant Sit DownPurple Hearts You Cant Sit DownPurple Hearts You Cant Sit Down