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Trinity-Pawling: Varsity football, basketball, and track; Captain of track and basketball; President of Student Council • Yale: Varsity track and member of IC4A championship team • US Navy: Sea duty; reservist for thirty years; retired Rear Admiral; awarded Legion of Merit; recipient of Secretary of Navy and New York State awards for work on behalf of US Navy • Advertising and network television executive; adjunct associate professor at St. John's University • Free-lance writer on travel, business, and military topics. 

After signing a recording contract with Rowdy Records , at the age of 12, Arnold released her 1995's debut album Miss Thang ; under the Arista record label . [9] Guided by Rowdy head Dallas Austin and developed by his protégés Tim & Bob , much of the album was recorded during the years of 1993 and 1995, a period that the singer described as hard work. "It was more from the stress I put on myself than it was pressure from others," she said. "There were so many young artists releasing records, and I wanted to stand out. I was a regular female growing up in the inner city, and I wanted to be who I was." [10] Throughout the recording process, Arnold ensured the album's music and lyrical content reflected her persona. As a result, she vetoed some of the songs selected for the album. "I was very assertive in making sure the album was really me," she said in an interview with Billboard . "How can you show your feeling in a song when it's about something you don't know about?" [11]

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